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Dear reader, this Ezine short article has been composed for perusal by over 6000 nano-scientists. Its theme suggests to the public that ethical nanotechnology has a vital role to play in bringing about a brand-new age of international freedom and also freedom. It can be suggested that this can happen if nanotechnology is created in liaison with a clinical science, to assist ennobling federal government for the betterment of the international human problem. While the write-up is about the fractal nature of Mesopotamian mythical mathematics, it is completely understood that ancient societies, consisting of Indian and Chinese civilisations, contributed boundless fractal mathematical principles right into the development of the old 3rd Century BC Platonic custom of Greek scientific research.

Conversations about politics, sex as well as religious beliefs have a tendency to prompt extreme dispute. However, this paper is about a wide generalisation of all three of these contentious issues. They are so complicated that just a supercomputer, offered thousands of years of information might adequately explain their operating in the wonderful video game of life, which belongs to healthy and balanced human evolution.

Throughout the 1990s, the Science-Art Research Study Centre of Australia had its supercomputer documents regarding seashell life-form energies reprinted by the globe’s leading technical study institute, IEEE., and also an American Institute for Basic Research Study. These papers were worldwide acclaimed for the exploration of brand-new mathematical as well as physics regulations regulating optimal biological growth and also growth with space-time. The objective of this article is to aid in the building of a 2nd supercomputer program, which can be described as the Fuller-Snow ‘World Video Game Cooperative Concept’ for human survival.

China’s most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang, provided the research method utilized to make the discovery of the new physics legislations possible. He suggested personally with Albert Einstein over the concern. Currently, nanotechnology has verified that his seashell suggestions in 1979 uses directly to the human problem.

The old Egyptians used the sacred geometries of life to give an user-friendly expression of the working of an unlimited world. Mainstream science currently becomes aware that they were utilizing facets of fractal geometrical logic reaching infinity. Nevertheless, our present worldwide scientific research and also innovation restricts that geometric logic to come from any living transformative procedure. Einstein’s brilliant can currently be genuinely immortalised by modifying it to ensure that his universal powers of mayhem are shown to ensnare with these long shed old limitless life energies.

The 20th Century Einsteinian world-view was controlled by a legislation of universal mayhem that requires that all life in the universe should end up being extinct. For that reason, under these circumstances the living process can not perhaps reach infinity. However, nanotechnology has demonstrated that the old Greek science was appropriate.

The human particle of emotion, uncovered in 1972, now component of quantum biology’s complication with Einstein’s quantum technicians, is, as a matter of fact, an infinite fractal expression. Our emotions operate in total opposition to the legislations governing our existing destructively unbalanced science as well as modern technology.

This suggests that, as was found only last century, emotions come from Sir Isaac Newton’s extra profound all-natural ideology to balance his mechanical description of the universe. It is essential that his world-view is without any additional Christian category of this being a criminally crazy heresy. Newton held to his even more extensive ideas of an infinite cosmos, when he created his wonderful concepts of scientific research. This appears in his personal letters to Richard Bentley, in which he connected gravity with light, to offer transformative direction to the human metabolic process. It is unreasonable to urge that mercurial fumes from his alchemy lab resulted in a criminally crazy mind, at the very same time when he was completing such things.

The modern day unbalanced scientific world-view constitutes a political problem of global percentages. With alteration, this can be sufficiently resolved in the kind of a medical supercomputer program, working to direct ennobling governments throughout the world. The resultant modern technology, for the improvement of the human problem, is past the conception of present unbalanced mainstream scientific research. However, provided the possibility, there suffice learned scholars to compose the computer program, thanks to the researcher Kun Huang. It is currently feasible to prolong the seashell study in order to acquire the quantum organic plan for human survival.

Throughout the 6th Century BC the Greek geometer, Thales, took a trip to Egypt to examine political values. Following him in the 5th Century BC, the mathematician, Pythagoras, also examined political values in Egypt. They reminded Greece the mathematical framework of Western Freedom. The Greek thinker Anaxagoras had acquired a theory of development from the mythological-mathematical theories of the Egyptian maker god Atum (Atom), mentioned in the ‘Pyramids Texts’. After that, for over 2 hundred years the Platonic practice of Greek philosophy fused principles right into Anaxagoras’ theory of production. This was in order to develop scientific research to make sure that civilisation would certainly not come to be extinct, as had other life kinds uncovered as fossils.

Elements of nano-science program that the resultant scientific research had actually effectively linked mathematics to the living procedure, according to the workings of an infinite universe. This is contrary to the principles of Einstein’s concept of relativity, which he stemmed from Babylonian mythological mathematics.

Throughout the 3rd Century BC two Greek life-sciences began. one was called the ‘Scientific research for ethical ends’ incorporating atomic Platonic love as well as the various other was the ‘Scientific research of global love’, based upon Epicurean psychological atomic theory. These scientific researches happened to assist ennobling federal government, to ensure that people can play their component within an infinite moral global function, hence preventing termination. Close by, in the Secret Schools of Babylon, worship of the spiritual geometries was encouraged by the trainings of Ishtar, the Goddess of sex-related hooking as well as warfare.

Plato recognized that once a physical atomic science totally ruled civilisation, as it does today, the prehistoric arms race tradition would one day speed up, triggering the appearance of the devastating buildings of ancient Egypt’s understanding of primaeval global disorder. Plato’s idea ‘evil’ had to do with the anti-life residential properties of nuclear unformed matter dispersing as an obsession right into the psyche of civilisations. Various nationwide governments, powerless to stop the nuclear arms race due to governmental nationwide safety and security regulations, would ultimately produce the chaos of complete devastation upon civilisation. Nanotechnology on the other hand, can action in to give a medical scientific research, free power, food and also water, across the globe, in order to stop this nightmare situation from happening.

Harvard College Press suggests that the rejuvenation of the shed Greek atomic scientific researches was initiated by Marcilio Ficino, throughout the 15th Century. He utilized the book, ‘Plato’s Faith’ to produce what is currently called the Great Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, contrary to common belief, was not a main number to that Renaissance.

The mathematician, Fibonacci, instructed Leonardo the sacred geometric mathematical principles coming from the Enigma Schools of Babylon, which venerated warfare. On the various other hand, the addition of Platonic love as a building of the atoms of the heart (the molecule of emotion uncovered by Candace Pert in 1972) had actually positioned atomic principles right into the mathematical formulas that Fibonacci acquired from the Babylonian Secret Schools.

The American designer, Buckminster Richer, who composed the book ‘Paradise or Oblivion’ completely comprehended the nature of Plato’s grim caution and realised that we need to modify the Einsteinian understanding of global energy, or perish. Harvard College’s Novartis Professor Amy Edmondson, in her internet bio entitled ‘A Fuller Explanation’, wrote that in his excitement to compose his theories, Fuller neglected to describe to the general public that his suggestions for mankind’s survival were derived directly from Plato’s mathematical study.

The molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, likewise created a publication concerning the need to conserve civilisation from collapse, because of the dominating Einsteinian understanding of global power. He considered it vital to link modern science back to the society of the Platonic Liberal arts. In 2008 the Times Literary Supplement published that it took into consideration Snow’s book to be amongst the 100 essential publications written given that The second world war.

The Christian Church, throughout the fifth Century ADVERTISEMENT, destroyed the Terrific Library of Alexandria and killed its custodian, the mathematician, Hypatia. Saint Augustine then eliminated Plato’s math as being the work of the Adversary, misinterpreting it for the mathematics associated with the mentors of Ishtar, the Babylonian Siren of war and hooking. Augustine had actually converted the wickedness of formless matter in the atom as the evil of women sexuality, later made use of as a justification for the terrible sexual rites that the Christian Church lather excused.

The sadistic torturing as well as burning alive of many numbers of women and also lady kids as witches was practiced for 3 hundred years till the mid 17th Century. In the 18th Century the Church’s fanatical resistance to old Greek mathematical atomic scientific research, as the job of the Evil one, was transferred into the really textile of the Constitution of the USA of America, without the American people realising what had actually happened.

Giordano Bruno, taken into consideration to be the papa of contemporary science, taught regarding the science of universal love, at Oxford University. For doing this, upon returning to Rome he was imprisoned, hurt as well as charred active by the Roman Church in 1600. Throughout the 20th Century, the unpublished documents of Sir Isaac Newton were found, in which Newton shared his conviction that a much more extensive all-natural approach existed to finish the mechanical description of deep space. Newton’s version of deep space was boundless as well as its functioning was maintained by the very same physics concepts that maintained the old Greek scientific research for ethical ends as well as the science of universal love. Newton’s balancing physics principles were specifically those used by the philosopher Schelling when he corrected Immanuel Kant’s electromagnetic ethic for continuous tranquility on earth.

Isaac Newton, a contemporary of Bruno, familiar with his fate, dared not release those exact same concepts. As it was, his boundless cosmos theories stay classified today as Newton’s Heresy Papers. This may aid discuss why a 50 million pound research program at Cambridge College, to seek its affiliated modern technology, was cancelled outright by the British Federal government. Nevertheless, nanotechnology has actually exposed the extraordinary magnitude of that technology’s capacity to benefit the worldwide human condition, well past the scope of entropic science.

The Constitution of the United States of America began in 1787, based upon the old Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy. Within the Christian society, Sir Isaac Newton’s banished heresy physics principles were entirely omitted. Alexander Hamilton, throughout the framework of the Constitution, specified ‘Liberty’ as being made sure by the layout of federal government based upon physics and also geometric concepts. The physics concepts utilized to build the American Constitution belonged to the published physics of Sir Isaac Newton as well as the geometrical concepts belonged to the geometry of Euclid. The existing smash hit film, ‘Lincoln’ illustrates the Head of state of America explaining that the abolishment of slavery was merged into Euclidean geometrical reasoning. In fact it was connected into the boundless geometric logic promoting the performance of the Platonic world. If the will of individuals want it so, the American Constitution can currently be modified to come to be truth icon of liberty for all the world.

The old Greek instinctive understanding regarding the anti-life properties of nuclear mayhem forecasted the means our state of feeling engages with physical truth. In 2011 2 Chinese scientists utilized mathematics to show just how the Fullerene dancing of life of protein enfolding in DNA, worked outside the legislations controling Einstein’s world-view. This was pre-empted ten years previously when the Science-Art Research study Centre published a lecture supplied at Yangzhou University in China. The paper specified that this healthy protein dance of life in DNA triggered Fullerene carbon-signalling to create the geometric building and construction of emotion-forming compounds affecting mental performance.

The Centre reasoned that due to the fact that Einsteinian mathematics was unable to create healthy and balanced seashell development through space-time, it was innately cancer causing. The 1937 Nobel Laureate in medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, also suggested that the scientific rejection to enable any interaction of consciousness with Einstein’s turmoil energies, caused an abnormal dispute in between psychological instinct as well as unbalanced scientific rationalism, thought about to be associated with cancer cells. In 1998, cancer cells scientists in America connected Szent-Gyorgyi’s concepts to carbon signalling within DNA.

Be this as it may, the anti-life conflict within the human biological system, where all-natural psychological instinct is required to satisfy the dictates of our unbalanced science, does stop healthy advancement from occurring. People at present are practically powerless to stop the impacts of what Plato described as uncensored art, where mind pleasing types along with irresponsible songs, provides an illusionary belief in reality, while the entropic engineering mindset prepares for constant warfare.

Nanotechnology can offer us all with water, food, power and also raw materials from practically nothing. Rather, we are pleased to keep a stock-market job slavery fascination, in order to contaminate the earth as well as the energy system belonging to the living procedure. The entropic tyranny of worldwide financial rationalism, following total turmoil reasoning, may be considered logical for those controlling the cash system, but it is certainly not based upon ethical scientific concepts. If nanotechnology guides the function of artificial intelligence to wage war, then the release of invisible undetected nano tools of mass destruction will come to be humankind’s typical adversary.

The mathematical spiritual geometric concepts of mercy, concern and justice, can be found portrayed in wall surface paintings of the Egyptian 1st Kingdom. These mythological-mathematics became political law in the second Kingdom, discussing the beginnings of such things as contemporary healthcare facilities as well as seniority pension plans. The ancient Greeks used these mathematical merits to develop a limitless science for human survival, which we are forbidden to debate within the repaired boundaries of 20th Century scientific research and also technology.

The severity of a surprise fanatical religious act infecting Newton’s physics principles throughout the framing of the American Constitution is very easy to demonstrate. It avoided the Platonic spiritual (now holographic) optical human survival design modern technology from being developed.

Although Plato’s spiritual optical design principles were later corrected by ‘History’s Dad of Optics’, Al Haitham, throughout the Golden Era of Islamic Science, the concern is rather apparent. Plato, Al Haitham, and also other theorists such as Philo, Plotinus as well as Hesoid, had actually warned that by utilizing the senses, specifically the eye, as the resource of cosmic expertise, the damaging properties of shapeless matter would certainly emerge from the atom to destroycivilisation. Da Vinci, Descartes as well as Sir Francis Bacon, critical numbers in generating the mechanistic industrial age, made use of the eye as the source of all understanding.

Albert Einstein made precisely the exact same mistake. Throughout 1924 to 1927 the world-view of quantum mechanics was that aesthetic observation affects truth. Einstein’s E= Mc squared did without a doubt allow the ancient unformed matter to emerge from the atom. We are approaching the point where Humankind’s common opponent will be the anti-life ethos of artificial intelligence, masquerading as a humane Diabolis, the God of Disorder, that we currently worship worldwide through the securities market.

The Science-Art Research study Centre’s book ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, mentions that Einstein established his world-view from using the sacred geometries related to the mythological-mathematics utilized in the worship of ancient Babylon’s Siren, Ishtar. Her sex-related maths are really complex, but it appears that Einstein’s coworker, the Nobel Prize champion and mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell, was influenced by Ishtar’s trainings. Throughout the 20th Century Russell ended up being Britain’s best understood supporter of extracurricular relations and sex. His very first 3 marriages ended up being shabby sex-related dramatization in the British courts and also in 1940 his professorial placement at the College of New york city was annulled by a police court order, as being immoral.

Bertand Russell’s most famous essay was qualified ‘A Freeman’s Praise’ in which Russell firmly insisted that we have nothing else selection however to worship Einstein’s entropic death sentence upon every one of life in deep space. In 1957 the New York City College Library of Scientific research, released a publication qualified, ‘Babylonian Misconception and Modern Science’, in which Einstein is shown to have developed his theory of relativity from the mythological-mathematics of old Babylon. Plato, on the various other hand, had actually developed mythological mathematics from the Mystery Schools of old Egypt, which had to do with protecting against deep space from returning back right into its original mayhem. Nanotechnology showed that the Platonic atomic scientific research was appropriate and the designer Buckminster Richer had actually sufficiently updated it. It is now possible to update Fullers remedy to the human survival theories of Sir C P Snow.

The service to the global power dilemma is straightforward. Buckminster Fuller mentioned it with his ‘Cooperative World Game Concept’ for the betterment of the worldwide human problem. In Richer’s own words, ‘Make the globe job, for 100% of humankind, in the fastest possible time, through spontaneous collaboration, without environmental offense or the disadvantage of anyone’.

IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue, beat the globe’s chess champions and their supercomputer Watson, defeated America’s players of the extra complicated game Risk. Such a video game, based upon medical science ethics, will certainly bring right into human consciousness the method promoted by the Fuller-Snow participating globe video game of life.

The Science-Art Study Centre of Australia is currently only thinking about aiding to create the Fuller-Snow incredibly computer program. The brand-new video game containing hundreds of years of appropriate negentropic suppositions, will instantly as well as collectively elevate our disorderly consciousness right into a comprehension of Fuller’s boundless collaborating cosmos. People can after that play the game of life unblocked with clashing religious convictions, in order to update human survival awareness. The controling Platonic Fullerene Chemistry medical scientific research, provided lawful standing, can after that assist ennobling federal government based on the concern of international protection and also nanotechnology supra-wealth for all.

The three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Medication, established a new medical chemistry based upon the negentropic buildings of Fullerene carbon particles. As Buckminster Fuller had obtained his balanced version of universal fact upon the mathematics of Plato, the Science-Art Study Centre of Australia relabelled it as Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, currently affecting the education and learning of chemistry throughout the globe.

All revenue from Science-Art Paintings, sold with the Centre’s non-profit research study organisation, goes to the project, to help bring the Fuller-Snow supercomputer into existence. This funding version of honest scientific research with the arts was published in 1993 by LEONARDO, the ‘International journal for the Arts, Sciences and Modern technology.

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